Powerboat Concept offers a variety (full range) of services for yachts and all kind of vessels, resolving any imaginable issue, providing comprehensive and appropriate responses to the needs of each vessel’s owner and making life easy for their captains. The long time experience and due to the “youth” of the team PBC ensures a great response and disciplinary methodology and behavior.

The main purpose (reason) of the company is to develop, carry out, and make come true the Design & Engineering projects to those who appreciate the customization of each project.

PBC Management

PBC understands that never two projects or vessels are the same. Our Management services are specifically tailored to meet the requirements of each owner, helping them to get the best out of their vessel. PBC appreciates that today’s boat industry is complex and customized, for this reason the PBC’s team mentality is to get involved to the project, from tourism to superyacht industry.

PBC Specialized Technical Assistance & Management:

  • Detailed specifications creation for shipyard maintenance or vessel re-styling.
  • Planning maintenance schedules with periodic inspections.
  • Appointing competent personnel to oversee the maintenance and efficiency of the vessel.
  • Assisting on board engineering staff or pre-project/re-styling intentions with shipyard specifications and trouble shooting.
  • Visiting shipyards during routine dry docking.
  • Liaising with Class and Flag State surveyors.
  • Vessel calculations: weight, stability and speed prediction.
  • Navigation solve-problem skills.
  • Supply of necessary stores and spares or subcontractors.
  • Appointing surveyors and technical consultants.
  • Handling of all activities relating to Flag State compliance and Classification Society requirements.
  • Advice on maintenance and renewal of vessel certificates, licenses, classification status and Flag State requirements.

PBC Cost Control

PBC understands that maintaining and operating a yacht represents a considerable expense for any Owner. A professional manager, working closely with Captain and Crew, can help control expenses, ensuring that optimal pricing is obtained in the procurement of goods and services.