“Pure, green and respectful sailing”

e-CMAX is designed to respect the sea and environment during the vessel use.

Main focus of Powerboat Concept is to preserve the environment through the energetic and design efficiency by applying the most updated technologies. Fully integrated design for those companies who want to minimize the boat maintenance.

There is not a corner of e-CMAX without a detailed engineering behind.



Length overall (m): 8m
Beam overall (m): 3m
Designed draft (m): 0.52m
Max. person (pers): 12
Min. crew (pers): 1
Total mass of boat (t): 2200kg
Standard engine(s) (HP): Double Torqeedo Cruise.10
Max. power (HP): Gas outboard
Max. speed (kn): 15knots
Range (nm/ cruising speed): 6-7knots
Batteries capacity: X8 Power 26-104 batteries
Cargo capacity (kg): 1500kg
Extras: Wheel chair ramp.