General heavy duty Offshore operations / Divers Support Vessel / Search and Rescue / Boarding Operations

Engineered by Powerboatconcept for the yard Madera Ribs, this boat is constructed to be operated in possible adverse and severe environmental conditions, therefore, special importance is given to the aspects of simplicity and robustness.

It is a diesel inboard engine RIB with Z drives and with a strong composite, glass reinforced plastic (GRP), and Kevlar reinforced hull and strong 1670 Dtex foam/air tubes


Length overall (m): 10,50
Beam overall (m): 3,43
Designed draft (m): 0.65
Max. person (pers): 10
Min. crew (pers): 2
Total mass of boat (t): 8
Standard engine(s) (HP): 2 x 315HP
Max. power (HP):
Max. speed (kn): 43
Range (nm/ cruising speed):
Fuel tank(s) capacity (L): 2 x 350
Cargo capacity (kg):